HOPE in the DARKNESS book series is a collection of books that were created to encourage and start you on a journey from hurt to healing.


Starting with my book "memoirs of an invisible child" which tells the story of my childhood. The story starts with losing my mom to domestic violence when I was three years old, growing up with domestic violence and my journey of overcoming trauma. There is an accompanying journal "memoirs of an invisible child journal" to help you process your own journey. 

Also check out my "HOPE in the DARKNESS exhibit book". This is a domestic violence awareness exhibit book created to show awareness and HOPE for life after Domestic violence. This is based on my domestic violence awareness exhibit. HOPE in the DARKNESS is an onsite, traveling multi media exhibit featuring original artwork and photographs related to my memoir.













https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0899QLQW5/  click for link to book


"Grow with love" coloring book that gives you positive words to color as you go through this book. Self love is taking the time to yourself to just relax and feed yourself positive words. 

https://www.amazon.com/Grow-Love-Darkness-Kelly-Hines/dp/B08KSQ19CN/   click for coloring book

Journals coming soon:

"Intertwined" A journal from a mom to their child (or any two people) who want to give positive memories and encouragement long after they are gone from this Earth. 

"Let's start a RAKet"   A fun book with prompts to do Random Acts of Kindness. 


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Hope in the Darkness: a domestic violence awareness exhibit was created to spread awareness of domestic violence and encourage, empower and spread Hope to anyone that has been affected by domestic violence.  This book is the exhibit in book form. If you are interested in seeing the actual exhibit in person or virtually, please see the Exhibit tab on this website. This book will be available at the physical exhibit, or I will send you a signed copy upon payment. Please email me at HOPEINTHEDARKNESS1@GMAIL.COM TO REQUEST INFORMATION OR TO ORDER A BOOK.  Also available on Amazon.