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  • Kelly Hines

Collatoral damage

This book is being written for the innocent bystanders, the children who are caught in the middle of the abuse. For these children, I offer hope. The abuse may have stole your childhood but it doesn't have to steal your future. For the families forced to remain on the outside, remember the abuser uses fear and manipulation to keep the families apart. My advice to you is to not blame yourself, you can not control the abuser. I would strongly urge you to never give up on the abused person, no matter how hard it seems. Always pray and hold your hand out until that person is able to reach for it. For the person in the center of the abuse, you are strong and you have control. There are safe places to go, there are people who are waiting just to help you. You and your children are worth it. The first step is the hardest but it's the first step to a new freedom for you and your family. This a clear warning to the person who causes the abuse, you are causing harm to your children even if you aren't hitting them. Your relationship with them will be forever scarred . For all involved, get professional help, it is not a sign of defeat or shame. The strongest people are the ones that seek help. This book is written to bring awareness to the child that is hurting so uhdeeply on the inside, they feel like they are dying but on the outside. Abused children sometimes act out at school, get into a lot of fights or trouble. Sometimes the abused children are afraid so they are quiet, try to blend in with everything so they aren't noticed. Both kids need extra attention, need that one adult who can see past both behaviors and see a scared, sad abused little child. Please be that adult, take the time to notice and to care. The earlier that child finds someone to trust, the better their chances of healing. Trust me, when I tell you that the invisible scar hurts just as bad as any visible scar you see. I want to share my story with you to offer hope. My story begins as many others, a journey about a child fragile, pure and innocent with endless possibilities. The possibilities that are affected by many things such as; where you were born, who your parents are, where you live, how you were raised and the circumstances that life throws at you. Please add anyone who could use encouragement, hope and prayers.

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