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  • Kelly Hines

Excerpt from memoirs of an invisible child

”Sometimes I think of the events I'd do anything to change, and other times I remember the moments I cherish that I'd risk it all just to assure that not one precious moment was tampered with. But, of course, my past is before me.. written in the proverbial stone, in the books, in a permanence that will long surpass me. So here I am, now. In the present, making every memory with no regrets and with the most joy any one person can muster. I live in the moment, treasuring the time as it comes, but sometimes my eyes drift to the unknown of the future. Now, like everyone, I don't know what's out there. But unlike most, I'm not afraid of what's to come. A happiness bubbles up from within me when I consider this mystery ahead. It may not be perfect, but this future will be my own. It's big, exciting, and bright. And I'm ready for it."

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