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  • Kelly Hines

Hope in the darkness

So when I dropped My son off at the suicide prevention walk....we prayed before he went in, then as I drove away a thought came into my mind....

How many people are hurting... feel alone... lost... shattered... life can be so hard... so heartbreaking.....

I plead that you get help if you feel this way... but as soon as it’s more then once in a while because all hurt and grieving is a process we need to do.... Don’t let it overtake you, the weights get heavier, early intervention is important

You don’t grieve just because of physical death... though it’s definitely a reason... we grieve for absence of people from our lives...of dreams we didn’t fulfill, lost jobs, homes or any variety of things,

Help is important... necessary... it’s an act of strength not weakness

If you hurt ... make noise... get attention... talk about it... even if you can’t fully verbalize how you feel... tell someone ... if they don’t seem to get it .. find another...keep going... get louder because someone will hear you.. and help you

Sometimes because we all have our struggles we miss things, don’t let us... or you try not to bother us, BOTHER us, your absence will destroy us, don’t keep it inside

You are loved ... you are worthy, you are needed

We grieve for the death of HOPE!!!!! We are terrified of feeling this immense pain forever....

But I promise you if you keep going.... step by step out of the dark room.... you will find the have to let God guide your feet....

You are loved by God !!!!!!!

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