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  • Kelly Hines

My life is an open book

My life has always been an open book since the day in my early 20's when I realized that i can offer hope and love to the hurting. My painful childhood and my faith in God helped me become the person I am today. I am not perfect, I am a work in progress but I am an empathetic, caring and loving person. I have spent my life trying to help the hurting find a place of healing, help them find their worth and to offer comfort in times of sorrow. After my mom was murdered when I was three and all the trauma I endured afterwards turned me into an invisible child as a mechanism to survive. Because of my pain and my strength to endure, I want to help others find peace and know that there will be happiness again. I want to show there is light after darkness. I am currently writing a book which I hope will do just that, give hope and healing to the hurting. I hope to be published in early 2018,this page is also my journey into the book writing world. I want this page to provide hope, understanding and comfort. God bless you all.

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