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  • Kelly H

Never give up

For everyone who feels like the world is dark around them, who feel hopeless, helpless and unloved, I am here to tell you that you are worth it, your life is worth it and it will be full of light again, that you are powerful, strong and brave, just know hurt takes time to overcome, the heart takes time to figure out how to beat again after a tremendous loss or heartbreak, the pieces fall back into place, things change but I promise you, you can be happy again, you can feel free again, the tremendous heaviness of grief will ease, you just have to pray and be patient and never ever give up, even if its so dark you cant see the light, the bible says Jesus is the light at our feet, He will lead us out of the darkness, He will heal our pain in a way that we learn to survive, you never forget the pain, the loss but you find a way to overcome it, or honor the lost by living again, They want us to live, to love again to find our happiness, but it takes time, everyone is different, every story is different, just know that everyday you survive that horrific pain, is on step toward the light of freedom, a step toward love and laughter and living again. Never give up, ever, you are loved by God and by so many that you dont even know, reach out and let people in.

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