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Sad times happy times

Someone asked me recently how I can always have a smile on my face. Fact is I don't but I really try to. I told my dear friend. I have been through hard times. Sad times. Happy times. But I know through it all I am blessed beyond what I deserve. The last few years have tested my strength But God carried me through those days and I smile because I survived it. Found a great life on the other side of heartbreak. I say this because we all go through stuff. Just know that it will end. Know God is with you. And you will get through to the other side happier I smile because I love my kids. I appreciate what I have. Though it's not always easy. Nothing worth having is. I have pain. I am not able to do all the things I used too but there are many things I can do. For that I am grateful. Like I took my kids sledding. Had so much fun. All I did was watch. And throw some snowballs and take a selfie on the ground. Needed help getting up but I got to laugh. Spend time with those I love. For that I am blessed

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