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  • Kelly Hines


I am thankful for my tough childhood because of my faith

For every disappointment I learned to be true to my word

Because of my abandonment I learned to give others a home

Because of my loss I taught others how to grieve

Because I grew up without a mom, I had the drive to be the best one I could be. Because of my sadness, I tried to help others find hope

Because of growing up with family violence and their drug use, I raised my family with love and substance free.

Because of my tears, I learned to appreciate little things

Through neglect I learned the depth of love, I love that I feel

Tough times teach us lessons, if we don't let it destroy our future

I learned to use my stubborness for good, perseverance, Faith

I am truly thankful for my life

#faith #domesticviolenceawareness #strength #thankful

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