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  • Kelly H

The other side of pain

I want to share my story with you to offer hope. My story begins as many others, a journey about a child fragile, pure and innocent with endless possibilities. The possibilities that are affected by many things such as; where you were born, who your parents are, where you live, how you were raised and the circumstances that life throws at you. One thing it is also determined by is faith. Faith can help you overcome anything and give you the strength to survive. I often wonder what people do without faith when they hurt, I survive because I believe. This is how a little girl full of possibilities became the invisible child and through the discovery of faith came out of the shadows to be heard and never be invisible again. I am writing this memoir how I remember life growing up, my perceptions as a child. I am sharing my story to encourage and inspire others to come out of the shadows and show them another side of pain. To offer hope that dealing with the pain makes it easier.You will never forget your trauma but you will be in control of your memories and your life again. Some of your stories may be worse and some maybe alittle better, but no matter where you story falls, your pain is real and it can be overcome.

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