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Happy birthday (a little late) to my HOPE IN THE DARKNESS blog

3 years old!!’n

Thank you to all the wonderful people from all over the world that I have met on here!

Thank you for all the stories and all the support and kindness!

I created this blog before I published my first book

I wrote the book and started this blog so that I could help others ...

Thank you for all of those who have bought it, read it and gave me such beautiful feedback!

I am so happy for this journey of healing and growth! We are stronger together !

Now I have published my second book.... Which is based on a domestic violence awareness exhibit that I created two years ago!

I am doing the exhibit again next month! Exciting info to come soon!

Thank you all so very much for everything

Praying you always find hope in the darkness! And if it gets too dark, get help by professionals and remember in addition please message me ...I will always care..

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