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Original art by Samantha Hines

Hope in the Darkness: a domestic violence awareness a multi media, interactive Exhibit of HOPE and overcoming!

Here’s an orginal artwork by a local artist Samantha Jane It is titled “Suffocating” It was created to capture the feeling of being in a domestic violence relationship where you just feel like you can’t breathe and it seems impossible to get of!

It’s a journey from hurt to healing..

I saw a post not long ago that went ...

The picture is a picture that will be displayed in my “Hope in the Darkness: a domestic violence awareness exhibit “ for the month of October in the Village on High in Millville, NJ. Sponsored partly by An Octopus's Garden

“IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY STUCK IN ISOLATION WITH SOMEONE WHO IS ABUSIVE, shoot me a message asking if I’m still selling my makeup.

If you message specifically about liquid eyeliner, I will ask for your address (for shipping ) and contact law enforcement for you.”

DO NOT BE ASHAMED OR AFRAID! You are not alone!

Disclaimer. I have been a mental health nurse for 25 years with a lot of education in DV, whenever I have worked with a victim:survivor...I never approached the abuser, I always kept myself safe and instructed the abused how to keep herself safe !

When you are in an abusive relationship, you can’t see the manipulation, you just see the person you love, the person they presented at the beginning, you just want that back, but it never comes back

I knew because I grew up with a man full of rage and who abused the woman who trusted him, I saw him switch back and forth between the person they loved to someone they didn’t recognize....

It’s not an easy task to leave, probably one of the hardest things you will ever be faced with,

My mom was murdered trying to leave, it’s not as simple as just wanting to go....

Being a friend or family member of someone in an abusive relationship is hard, really hard,

Usually You can see that the relationship is bad long before the abused person can,

By the time the person sees it, it’s hard to just leave... emotionally, financially, children and fear are some of the reasons people stay

That’s so very powerful, a way to keep everyone a-little safer,

All we can do on the outside, Is listen, talk to, encourage the abused Reach our hand out Until they reach back

Just be very careful when supporting an abused person, stay off the radar of the abuser as much as possible, they will view you as a threat and come after you too, you need to keep yourself safe

When supporting someone in an abusive relationship....make sure they know the national hotline

There are local domestic violence awareness advocates in your community...

The local one for New Jersey is

#nevergiveup #hopeinthedarkness #thereishappinessafterDV

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