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I was just a little girl Three to be exact My mommy was taken And never given back

Why did she leave Five little children all alone By the gun of a man She had once called her own

Unintentionally abandoned With no one to care Thrust from our home With love we once shared

To go to a new home Where things weren't sunny For no love was given We were taken for the money

How was I supposed to learn To be strong and loving When instead of love We got yelling and shoving

We were hungry and scared We huddled together Cause we knew it was us five We would be together forever

But when I turned six My dad got custody of me Not my siblings They were not his you see

Now no mommy , no siblings To run for shelter and care A new home, a new family A new life, I was scared

Soon after I got there The fighting began Yelling and screaming Then he started with his hand

I saw my siblings a few sundays that spring

Then after that I sat On the porch swing

Just waiting and waiting Needing them so much Just a friendly face Just a loving touch

Even though they were An extension of me My angry dad was jealous So then he would not let me see

But he never told me they Wouldn't come on Sunday or at all He just let me sit there and Wait knowing they wouldn't come or call

The violence continued Bruises, black eyes The thumping I still hear along with her cries

No longer had my siblings I was just alone in my tears I crawled in my head Frozen by fears

Days turned to years The invisible child I became I never said I was sick Or hurt , I would always be the same

I rarely spoke and if I did

It was low and calculated So he wouldnt get mad and The situation wouldnt get escalated

Grew up in fear all of my days No one to turn to for care Because I knew if I told I would be hurt, I was hyper aware

Speaking as a child of abuse Get your children help they need I beg of you, just love them You are what they need

Stay away from your abuser Do it for you and your child too They can heal from this And so can you

It's hard to see the light when Your shine has been dulled down But once you shine it back up You will be happy with the happiness you have found

Kelly Walk

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