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The greatest gift we can give ourselves is self love

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is self love....self know our worth...

That way when people exit our lives we don’t lose ourselves ...that our worth isn’t hinged on whether someone likes us or not...most of the time it’s more about them then you anyway

Regardless things happen, people disappoint, people hurt us, intentionally or not intentionally, when we love ourself, we will not crumble

Doesn’t mean we won’t be sad, hurt and have to process the grief of whatever happened,

it just means you love yourself enough to keep fighting, you love yourself enough to know you will be ok

Hard times come and go....we need to learn from it, and grow but we must not tear ourselves down and lose our self worth!

#loveyourself #thenyoucantrulyloveothers #hopeinthedarkness

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