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  • Kelly H


Six years ago....She made the most courageous...most important decision in her life.....

She left ....She left with only the clothes on her back and her kids....She had made a decision for her own mental health and that of her children...

It wasn’t an easy choice and it was something that needed to be done for years prior...

but she kept praying, kept her strength up, kept going on day at a time

She never gave up, no matter how dark it got, no matter how bad it hurt,

Then one day, it just happened, the window of opportunity, and she took it,

She never looked back except to remember that she would never go back,

to remind herself of her worth and to celebrate the healing that she found

From just closed off and hidden to blossoming into a beautiful life....

She reaches her hand out for others as a beacon of hope.....

No matter how dark your world is .... There is always HOPE IN THE DARKNESS!

Never give up...never stop moving forward, There is life after sadness, heartbreak and loss of self!

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