When I first started working with Kelly, things started to change almost immediately. I quickly found that she was easy to talk to, supportive and honest. When I told her I was not allowed to have a key to my house that I shared with my abusive boyfriend, she made me realize that was considered abusive.  She talked to me without judgement. She told me that me having to find a place to go until my boyfriend came home was abuse. Over time and talking with Kelly, I realized how abusive and unsafe my relationship was for me.  Having the ability to text Kelly whenever I was afraid or confused really helped keep my head clear. She was a safe person to talk to while I built the courage to leave. After about 9 months of working with Kelly, I was able to escape the relationship. I was also able to rebuild the relationship with my family. Another six months after that I am proud to say I rent an apartment just for me and I am happy. I feel after this I will be better equipped to deal with relationships in the future.  For now, I am just enjoying my freedom.   "from alone to empowered",  Washington.  2017

Kelly's coaching and support changed my life. I was still in a terrible relationship when I started coaching. We had to talk in code so that my boyfriend would not find out that I was getting help. Through the year that I worked with her, I learned strategies, made a safety plan and found hope through her support. Escaping a domestic violence situation is not easy but it is the best thing I ever did. I was finally able to leave and my life changed for the better. I was able to reconnect with my family and friends. I went back to college and earned a degree.  Now I live in a house that is mine and I work at a good paying job so I can support my boys. I could not have done it if it were not for this coaching, I found hope and that changed my life.  "hopeful and happy" in OHIO

I was really lost when before I found Kelly and her coaching. I was easily overwhelmed and nervous. I was unsure of what would come of me. I struggled to find self worth and a good relationship. Through many techniques and learning coping skills, I found hope.  I am stronger every day and I am currently still a Hope Coach client.  "still growing" in Indiana